🥴! Let Me Try And Decipher…

2 min readAug 5, 2023


I was thinking that before my children knew how to read and write, the teacher would make them draw what they wanted to say. So…I can’t help it…all this overuse of “emojisreminds me of kindergarten.🙄

I have wondered…What would life be like without emojis? We really depend on them for almost every message nowadays. Yes, it feels a bit like co-dependency!

Do you really think that sending this ❤️ ?, is the same as telling someone, “I love you”?; or for that matter, this 💔 is not even close to…well…you know 😭.

I remember a time when men and women used to convey their opinions and feelings of happiness, surprise, joy, sadness, excitement, frustration, anger, or pleasure, by actually using descriptive words. I miss those days!

Words have so much more power than those little “hand signals” or those “little yellow circles” that pretend to be a face.


What I’m saying is that to read, “You are amazingly beautiful!”, isn’t the same as looking at this 🤩.

Just the same, the feeling that one gets when one reads something like “I am bursting with happiness and joy”, is completely different than receiving this 😄.

Or that to send this 🙏 is not the same as, “Thank you, I will forever appreciate your help”.

Obviously, everyone is using them… including me!😢 So, I know that to use them…is the easy way out. The fast way to semi-communicate without really engaging mindfully.

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh when an inappropriate emoji is used…Why would anyone send this 👍🏼 when someone is posting sad news? Seriously.

My life coach told me once that if I ever want to avoid having to answer someone or something, I should just send an emoji with a smile 😊 or one puckering up with the hint of a kiss 😚 and…Voila!…I have responded without really saying anything. AT ALL!

Yes…sort of like a politician!😂




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