It’s A Comedy To Me

“I think, therefore I am” said René Descartes. Yes I would agree. After all, one of the things that differentiates us from other animals, is our ability to reason things out.

What is life? Philosophers have struggled with this question forever. Should we take it seriously? I think I can safely say that they will never find the answer!

I read this quote the other day and got me thinking…of course. “Life is a comedy for those who think… and a tragedy for those who feel.” I think that this is a blanket statement because…

I have been working out of my neighborhood coffeeshop for over the last ten years. Today I was sitting there thinking about nothing and everything, and it dawned on me that in this coffeeshop I have found inspiration many times. As I hear snippets of conversations around me, I see a micro encapsulation of life out there in here.

At this moment, two ladies have been talking about their divorce. A woman that was treated unfairly…no surprise there…different protagonists… but the same story I have heard many times before. Another snippet…“she has options… she is secure financially… she doesn’t need…

Choose To Be Happy

Gosh, this life that I have been granted is all about choices. The more I live… the more I understand it.

I was born to be free. We all are born to be free. Free to choose. Every choice I’ve made has steered my life this way or that way.

When I was a child, my parents chose certain things that I had no control over… but I had a choice on how to handle them. I could embrace or reject. I chose what kind of student I would be. I chose who my friends would…

The Painting In My Bedroom

The first time I saw the painting was ten years ago. I was with my best friend and we were “art gallery hopping” that night. This was an event that would happen every first Friday of the month in Coral Gables, a city within Miami. This was before the virus changed all our lives. It called to me, and I told my friend “I really love it”. I meant to return to purchase it but I never did.

However, as fate will have it, my friends presented me with the painting as a surprise group…

Life Is One Big Jigsaw Puzzle

My mother loves jigsaw puzzles and I admit I like to work on them with her once in a while. When I do, I realize how important it is that we see the whole picture of what we are trying to piece together piece by piece.

It’s virtually impossible to complete a puzzle unless I’ve seen the entire picture and know precisely what I’m working on. If I cannot see it, or if a piece is missing, no matter how small, I simply will be unable to piece it together at the end. It…

“I Have Needle Phobia”

For as long as I can remember I have had an irrational fear of needles and all that comes with it. This is called trypanophobia. Especially vaccines. I blame my parents for that! I will explain.

When I was growing up, I never went to the pediatrician for vaccines and checkups like the other kids. Instead, my father was my doctor. It seems like a good thing but it wasn’t! My parents had the bright idea to “ambush” us kids when we needed an injection or vaccine. I didn’t get a chance to prepare mentally and…

See It As You Must

I remember watching a movie more than a few years ago; I believe it was called Vantage Point. The entire movie was just one scene in which there had been an attempt on the life of I can’t remember who. It wasn’t important.

The point of the movie was that the same scene kept repeating again and again, only that each time, it was shown from a different point of view…or vantage point. It could have been from a cellphone, or a photo from another angle, etc. …

Metaphorically Speaking

As I was walking in my neighborhood this morning I noticed a pair of little kids running around while their nannies watched. It felt good to see children out there communing with nature and breathing fresh air. As I passed by them I hear the boy yell to the little girl, “I’m faster than you!” She then yelled back at him, “I’m going to put on my magical cape and you won’t be able to catch me…it gives me powers…you’ll see!”

Haha! I know that cape! It’s my favorite! I love wearing my over confidence cape that makes…

Thinking Drama Free

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, and I can’t seem to sleep.

In this silence, I and can hear the smallest noise, I can hear every drop of rain that hits my window. These are the moments that I wish I had a warm body next to me. Mostly for comfort. The problem is that just not any body will do. I don’t worry because I know that company will come…it is only a matter of time. It always does.

When Things Flow…They Just Do!

Last evening I met with a good friend, Ileana, at a local high-end mall located in Coral Gables, which is in the heart of Miami. We were going to have dinner. However, since I was early, I decided to also shop for a bit.

It so happened that I was on the phone with my son when Ileana showed up. I immediately ended the call and put my phone away. Or so I thought!

Tuki Machado

I travel extensively and live my life to the fullest. I keep losing and finding myself. I hope to share my adventures, photographs, and thoughts here with you.

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